A visible architectural essence is the connection between most of the works by the artists and designers that Gabrielle Ammann represents, and it is not a coincidence. Her background in art history and interior architecture has been fundamental in her perspective and curatorial approach. Working as an interior architect for many years, Ammann developed projects on private residences, public and exhibition spaces and has a deep understanding of the way three-dimensional pieces interact with environments and spaces.

During the late 80’s and early 90’s, her work brought her in direct contact with cutting-edge designers such as Studio Alchimia, Ron Arad and Marc Newson; which influenced her to establish a “designer’s agency” in 1989. Using this platform to promote and display their experimental work, she provided a forum for artists, designers and architects to push the boundaries between their fields.

Ammann’s milestones during this period included the presentation of many collections from the legendary Studio Alchimia, Marc Newson’s first Milan exhibition Wormhole in 1994 and the introduction of Ron Arad’s work in Germany through exhibitions and special projects, culminating in his appointment as “Designer of the Year” by Architektur & Wohnen Magazine in 2004.

In 2006, Gabrielle Ammann founded ammann//gallery in Cologne to provide a permanent platform for her artists and designers; becoming a space dedicated to avant-garde exhibitions as Ammann’s bold intellectual approach challenges one’s perception of objects. The following year, she presented Zaha Hadid: Selected Works, an ambitious solo show that included Hadid’s architecture and installations, as well as outdoor multimedia pieces.

Through a multifaceted program, ammann//gallery has been instrumental in introducing Asian art and design to Europe, as well as cultivating the best emerging designers from around the globe. In 2008, the gallery presented a survey of Wang Jin’s paintings, furniture and photography. And most recently, it has shown important works by the South Korean and Belgian duo Jung + Wolfs, installations by Florian Borkenhagen, Satyendra Pakhalé, Nucleo and Rolf Sachs, as well as architectural photography by Hélène Binet.

Gabrielle Ammann’s initiatives and presence at international fairs have been essential in placing works by the artists and designers she represents in important private collections as well as cultural and public institutions around the world including: Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; die Neue Sammlung - The International Design Museum, Munich; MAKK Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Cologne; Museum of Modern Art, New York; Beaubourg, Paris; and Triennale Design Museum, Milan.