florian borkenhagen


the work of florian borkenhagen (germany, 1959), a professor at the academy of fashion & design hamburg, consciously blurs the interface between art and design as he challenges perceptions of everyday objects through deconstruction and transformations. the banal found object becomes an artwork, and a deeper meaning arises through its adaptation. borkenhagen’s pieces often invite interaction and provide a new view of reality by reusing recognisable objects in conceptual and humorous ways.

movement is an important subject matter for borkenhagen and a common theme in his work, both in the physicality of his kinetic sculptures and the journey itself. this is evident in his early work, such as the „travel a-head „(1998-2000), a three-meter wooden sculpture of a head that the artist arranged to travel around the world on top of a container ship for two years. borkenhagen remarked, „i want to disturb the perception of the people and at the same time send an alter ego without weighing filter on trips. sculptural carts such as thronfolger, a leather seat attached to a wheelbarrow frame, and scv ii, two chairs with a partition like a confessional, are more than just recycling of disused vehicles; they also open up a playful interaction of mobility and a new work horizon.

borkenhagen participated in documenta 8 in kassel (1987) and worked from 1990 until 1995 in como, italy, where he founded the „laboratorio como“. the work that emerged during this period was devoted to „industrial archaeology“. ammann//gallery presented borkenhagen for the first time in 2009 in the solo show „transsakrales“, where he combined traditionally sacred elements with locomotive constructions, accomplishing new mobility devices and precious religious gems. since then, florian borkenhagen’s work has constantly been presented in various group and fair exhibitions with the gallery. in 2013, borkenhagen arranged a workshop titled fund-kunst- stücke at the museum für kunst und gewerbe in hamburg, germany. in the arte povera movement tradition, borkenhagen and the participants collected together garbage and transformed it into unique art pieces.

FARO / Lighthouse

year: 2016
material: handcut glass, steel
measurements: ø 90 x h 210.5 cm
ø 35.4 x h 82.9 inches



year: 2009
material: steel, wood, armchairs
measurements: w 140 x d 65 x h 89 cm
w 55.1 x d 25.6 x h 35 inches


Paris Chairs

year: 2016
material: wood
measurements: w 43 x d 48 x h 82 cm each
w 16.9 x d 18.9 x h 32.3 inches each
edition: 8 + 2 a.p.


Weltenträger / World Carrier

year: 2018
material: old suitcase with metal fittings, glass globus, lighting
measurements: w 60 x d 40 x h 20 cm
w 23.6 x d 15.7 x h 7.9 inches


Poire Hélène

year: 2013
material: 300 glass pieces, iron
measurements: ø 112 x h 190 cm
ø 44.1 x h 74.8 inches

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Liegeplatz / Moorage

year: 2010/16
material: metal, wood, cushion; textile design: Toyine Sellers
measurements: w 285 x d 90 x h 80 cm
w 112.2 x d 35.4 x h 31.5 inches



year: 2017
material: digital c-type print mounted on aluminium dibond, framed
measurements: w 165 x h 108 cm
w 65 x h 42.5 inches
edition: 3 + 1 a.p.


Weltenbrüterstuhl / World Incubator Chair

year: 2015
material: wood, glass
measurements: w 43 x d 48 x h 82 cm
w 16.9 x d 18.9 x h 32.3 inches


Dalbenstuhl / Fender Chair

year: 2005
material: wood and leather
measurements: w 90 x d 45 x h 45 cm
w 35.4 x d 17.7 x h 17.7 inches



year: 2009
material: wood and metal
measurements: w 70 x d 50 x h 114 cm
w 27.6 x d 19.7 x h 44.9 inches



year: 2019
material: glass, wood, steel, aluminium
measurements: h 120 x ø 60 cm
h 47.2 x ø 23.6 inches


Boccaporto / Hatchway

year: 2018
material: antique hatchway, metal, rubber
measurements: w 71 x d 65 x h 30 cm
w 28 x d 25.6 x h 11.8 inches


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